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Sally Moon

Conveyancing Paralegal

Started:                 2013


Sally handles property and conveyancing matters for Inland Legal. She has experience in residential, commercial and rural property conveyancing. Sally started work in 2013 for Inland Legal and she is a valuable asset to the business. Sally has great attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills which are a great asset in the demanding role of conveyancing. Sally is a local to St George and also brings a wealth of valuable local knowledge.

Sally has a rural background and is still involved in agriculture today. The Moon family operate an irrigation farm producing onions and cotton and are one of the nations leading producers of onions. Sally has previously worked in the banking sector and this previous work experience is of great assistance in dealing with financiers on conveyancing transactions.

Email:           conveyancing@inlandlegal.com.au

Phone:          07 46205 5083