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Inland Legal has taken great care in selecting all members of our team. We have a firm belief in having the right person for the job and have a key priority in ensuring our staff possess integrity and understand the high threshold of confidentiality that is required for this industry. As a small country town, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that our clients can be completely assured of confidentiality. Our staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and we only employ people that genuinely possess the integrity to honour this. We provide  a highly skilled staff with exceptional customer service and unwavering integrity. We look forward to helping you with your next legal matter. Please click on staff members name below to view their profile:

Rebecca LorimerManaging Director, Solicitor

Ross Finlayson: Solicitor

Michelle Seidel, Conveyancing Paralegal

Sally MoonCasual Conveyancing Paralegal

Cathy McWilliamAccounts Manager and Administration

Michelle Brown, Accounts Officer

Cheryl RheaAdministration and Estates

Isabel Anderson, Administration